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Today was a nice day. I took a photo of this very round and puffed bird. Sorry for the lacklaster quality of the photo. It was very far away and small.
Some generic, but in my opinion pleasing, photos of plants. (Open the photos in a new tab if you want to see the full image.)
And a photo of some nice foggy evening-landscape.


Dark Side Of The Moon

Here's a photo of the moon that I took with a very high ISO setting. I think it might have been ISO 6400. In the photo you can see the terrain on the dark, unlit side while the bright side is overexposed, appearing like a fireball.
I decided to share this because it's not usually something you get to see.
I will also be posting less photos of the moon from now on. I just find the moon, any other celestrial object and space in general to be a very fascinating topic!


Moonlight On Metallic Waters

Here's a cool image I edited together from photos I had laying around.
That's not water by the way. Those are my window blinds. You can even see the dust on them. It adds texture and detail to an otherwise bland image. I think it turned out intriguingly.



A video containing some clips of birds I recorded over the last weekend. Some bonus clips of my cat are included as well.
You can mainly see a pair pigeons, some magpies eating and grooming themselves and sparrows looking funny at the camera.
Recorded with my telephoto camera on a tripod (most of the clips).


Moon And Colorful Landscape

Here's a photo of the moon I took with my telephoto camera.
And a photo of a nice landscape out my window.


Sony Mavica

A photo taken at night with my Sony Mavica FD-85. An old Floppy disk camera from 2000. It's unedited.
It looks like a video game with blurry textures. Very spooky.


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I'm spacedragon42.
I guess I'll just use this to dump some photos that I took and possibly write about subjects that are on my mind.
You can contact me and find more about me on my website.
I also make things, but I wouldn't call myself an artist. Check out my Twitter to see that if you feel so inclined to.



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